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Boudoir Photography Packages

Learn more about our boudoir photography packages and pricing, and find answers to our most frequently asked questions.

All Packages Include:

  • Complete glamour/boudoir photography session. We do not charge sitting fees.
  • Pre-session virtual video meeting to discuss your shoot including your expectations, wardrobe choices and our recommendations.
  • Session preparation guide to help you prepare for your session and select your wardrobe.
  • Professional make up with lashes. Please note this usually requires one hour to complete and is separate from your session time.
  • 15-minute complimentary ice breaker glamour shoot with your favorite dress, jeans, sweater etc.
  • Expert coaching from body positioning to facial expressions so you can focus on enjoying your session and letting your personality shine through.
  • In person image reveal and order session. Virtual sessions available on request.
  • 10 x 10-inch luxury bound photo album containing your treasured retouched finished images.
  • 13 x 19-inch print of your favorite image.
  • Crystal USB thumb drive containing your selected images.

Note: listed photo session times below are your actual time in front of the camera.

"There is nothing more empowering than feeling beautiful inside and out."


Simply Beautiful

Investment: $1000

  • 1 hour photo session
  • 2 wardrobe changes
  • 18 finished images
  • Plus, all of the regularly included package benefits

"You are bound to get beautiful photos that will make you feel like a million bucks.”

Past Client

Simply Fabulous

Investment: $1400

  • 1.5-hour photo session
  • 3 wardrobe changes
  • 24 finished images
  • Plus, all of the regularly included package benefits

"Have no hesitation, this is your place!"


Simply Elegant

Investment: $1800

  • 2-hour photo session
  • 4 wardrobe changes
  • 30 finished images
  • Plus, all of the regularly included package benefits

"They helped me pose, relax and have fun with the shoot. They made me feel beautiful!"

Past Client

A la Carte Options

We also have a la carte offering for you beautiful images including large elegant photographic prints, prints on metal or canvas and personal calendars. Please enquire about these at your reveal session to allow them to be ordered with you album.

If desired, we will also come to your home to photograph you in your own surroundings for a unique and personal session. There are additional costs for unique sessions. Please enquire at the time you schedule your boudoir experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect the day of my shoot?

When you arrive, you will be greeted with a smile. After a tour of our studio, we will escort you to the changing area as you prepare for your makeup artist. You’ll be offered a comfortable cozy robe to use during your entire shoot.

During the shoot, we'll guide and coach you into figure-flattering poses with each outfit and each theme. We have and encourage short rest periods with our complimentary beverages and snacks to ensure you’re comfortable and relaxed.

Once your session is complete, we will schedule your reveal session to review your beautiful images before you leave the studio.

What if I don't want my images shared publicly?

Boudoir photos are your private decision to have taken. It’s also up to you who gets to see them. At the time you book your session, you’ll receive a contract and a release form to sign that allows you to choose how your photos can be used. 

I decided on my boudoir package, paid my deposit, and booked my session. What if at the reveal I decide I want more images than I purchased?

Fantastic, that means we’ve done our job and you love the way you look in your images.

During your reveal, should you decide you would like additional images or specialty items, we will be happy to assist you in selections and purchasing the those items.

Speaking of my reveal, how long do I have to wait after my session to see my images?

You’ll have images ready for you to review within 2 days. You may even get to see a few unedited images before you leave the studio. Before you leave the studio, we want to make sure you schedule your reveal appointment to ensure we have the desired time reserved just for you.

What COVID precautions are you taking to help me to feel I’ll be safe in your studio?

Your safety is our top priority. With the pandemic restrictions in place, we’re taking extra precautions to help protect you.

Click here for our full COVID-19 disclosure.

I'm ready to book my session.  How do I do that?

Before we book your photography session, we will have our virtual “get acquainted” session to make sure we’re a great fit for what you’re looking for.

We find this is the best way to get a feel for each other’s expectations and goals of this special time for you.

Can I have someone with me at my session?

Sometimes your best friend is exactly what you need to calm your nerves and give you the reassurance you need to get started with your session! We don’t mind at all if there is one friend with you! We have a wonderful area for them to relax during your shoot.

Also, it is a requirement of ours that boyfriends/husbands/spouses NOT be in the room while we are shooting.

Want to do one better than having a friend there for moral support? Why don't you book your shoots back-to-back so you can both enjoy the experience together?! (Availability pending, of course.)

Will you use my images on your website, blog, portfolio, or social media?

We, of course, would LOVE to use images from your session to show other women your amazing photos, and more importantly, share your testimony about how your experience was shooting with us! HOWEVER, we also completely understand if you prefer to keep them private. That said, we will not share anything at all unless you grant specific permission.

I am a professional, CEO, Manager or business owner, and would like to ensure that my images remain confidential.

First, we think that anyone seeing your images would think you look AMAZING!! However, we can TOTALLY understand if you don't want your images to potentially be viewed by colleagues, coworkers and even the public! You can rest absolutely assured that your images will NEVER be shared without your permission. Then you will see them directly during your in-person photo reveal appointment.

In the event that you love your images and want to show them off and DO allow us to use them on our blog and website, your real name will not be used, and we will NEVER tag you on any social media accounts. If you would like to keep your photos private, your secret is safe with us! We are also more than happy to sign NDA's should you need one from us because of your profession or public visibility.

Are your makeup artists experienced? Can I choose to do my own makeup?

Our make-up artists are professionally trained and maintain an extensive makeup kit to accommodate all skin types and shades. If you have skin sensitivities or conditions, please send us an email ahead of time so that our makeup artist can have the proper tools on hand and also block out the appropriate amount of time.

If you choose to do your own make up, please be aware that your regular makeup may appear flat/dull under the studio lights. Makeup should be adjusted to compliment you and our makeup artists are skilled in matching your makeup preferences to the studio lights for the most becoming results.

When and how will I select my images from my shoot?

This will be done at the session reveal appointment of your choosing two days or later after your photography session. Meeting with you at your session reveal is a special part of the whole boudoir session experience as we are able to share your beautiful photos with you face to face. It’s a beautiful time.

At this appointment, you will decide to which images you would like for your lovely album and complimentary large print. You will also have the opportunity to select extra images, a variety of wall art, calendars etc.. We will be there to help you (if needed) decide between images, showing similar images side by side for easy selection, plus we can assist you with getting great variety. We will be getting LOTS of amazing images of you, and it can be overwhelming to navigate the photos on your own, so I am here to help you!

What should I wear that will compliment my best features?

This is the most popular question we get, and the answer is simple … whatever you feel beautiful in. During our virtual session, we will discuss and recommend outfits that will accent your beauty and body shape. Once you've completed the booking process and reserved your personal session, you will also receive a VERY detailed shoot guide that will help you with getting ready for your shoot, including wardrobe ideas.

What do I do if I don’t know how to pose or position myself during the shoot?

We guide and coach clients through each pose during their shoot in a style that allows a natural flow from one pose to another. Please don’t feel like you need to know how to model. The women on the website are just like you and felt the same nerves. They all look comfortable and natural as you will too. Everyone generally is comfortable within the first few minutes of starting you session.

How much do I pay when I book my session? About how much can I expect to invest on additional products at my reveal?

After you chose your preferred package and while scheduling your session, a 50% deposit will be required to complete the booking session.

At your in-person photo reveal and ordering appointment, you will get to see your beautiful images. During this time, you will choose which images you would like to purchase to go into an album, digital image collection or as wall art.

On average, my clients spend a total $1600 - to $3000 on their chosen package and additional products at their photo reveal appointment.

My spouse or special somebody is in the military and overseas and I can’t send actual prints or an album?

We hear this a lot and have the perfect options that will allow you to send a private app to his phone with all of your favorite photos and even video if you choose! And if you want to book multiple sessions with us, and then have his app updated each time with all the new photos and video, you’ll be able to take advantage of our great repeat discounts and special gifts.

I have stretch marks and/or cellulite. Are the photos that I’ll see photoshopped?

When you come into see all of your photos, everything you’ll see will be professionally retouched appropriately to emphasize your beauty and femininity but not change who you are. As professional photographers we utilized specific posing and lighting to show your beauty in a complementary style. During your session, we tend to show you the back of the camera so you can see in real time how amazing you look! If there are areas you would specifically like to have retouched, we can easily accommodate your needs.

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