Fine Art, Glamour Boudoir Photography in Celina, Texas

Crafting light and shadows to accentuate the beauty of female curves.

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Behind the Lens

Crafting light and shadows to accentuate the beauty of female curves.

About Ron

I’ve carried a camera around everywhere I could since I was 10 years old. And, for the next 30 years or so, I was excellent at recording what I saw, focusing on landscapes, and architectural photography. I truly enjoyed being able to capture moments in time to share with others who couldn’t be where I was to witness them.

While working with women throughout my career, I began to notice that women were largely unrepresented. Many women don’t appreciate all they have conquered and triumphed over whether it be building a successful business, childbirth, raising a family, maintaining long-term relationships, or rediscovering their own state of health and well-being.

To me, fine art glamour and boudoir was a way to reveal beauty to these women. It’s about the person and their personality, their sensuality, their vulnerabilities, and their personal “light” that shines.

With the help of my camera, I get to help women recapture what it feels like to be that glamorous beauty, exactly as they are right now.  

My partner in our business is also my wife, and best friend, here is her story.

About Judy

As a wife, mother, farmer, CEO, entrepreneur, I never felt like I could be elegant, graceful or ultra- feminine. I kept things simple but put others first to ensure personal and professional values and responsibilities were taken care of.

When Ron decided to share his passion for shifting his craft from landscape to the beauty of the female body, I became quite curious. I began my journey in this business by being his model and then becoming a more experienced model focusing on mature women, as I am one myself.

After having many boudoir sessions, I began to really appreciate how much fun I was having and how much more I appreciated my body. Today I am here to help you with your experience, that will leave you feeling euphoric, excited and completely satisfied with images that share your unique beautiful story.

Let's capture your unique beauty and elegance!

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